My letter of intent for Tour Divide 2016 was titled Riding For Water. Here’s what I wrote:

During my ride from June 12 – July 10, 2015 from Banff, Alberta to Antelope Wells Mexico, I realized how something as simple as water is so necessary for survival. Riding through parts of the country such as the Great Basin in Wyoming where water was scarce, I thought about those less fortunate than I living in parts of the world where water is not as available as it is to us. My Daughter and her family introduced me to Living Water International in the way of Christmas presents. The past 2 years the gift donation cards have been passed on to young families where Living Water’s message can possibly be shared. This June 10, I’m leaving Banff again, riding my bicycle down the Rocky Mountains. This time, I’m raising money to drill a water well for those without the luxury of having water at their fingertips. I hope you’ll follow me on the journey at

Using basically social media to raise funds, soon after the letter was posted on the different outlets, the fundraising page was set up and generous people started donating to raise money to supply fresh water for those so badly needing it. They came from people in Wichita, from the garden center, lots of bike riders, family and some people that just had heard about the effort that I had never met. All during the ride, I’d receive notifications that another donation had been made, it honestly helped keep me moving.

Just recently, another donation was made and I’m delighted to say there have been enough funds to drill a well – our well, GOD’s well. I know that lives will be saved because of this project. People will live healthier lives because of fresh, clean water, and because sanitation and hygiene will now be taught. At this time, it looks like the location for the well will be in India. Details to follow!

The fundraising page is still set up. If this is something you would like to take part in, then I encourage you to make a donation. Living Water International is a registered 501(c)(3), and all gifts are tax-deductible. I’ve enjoyed receiving the gift cards from my granddaughters at Christmas each year. They make great gifts for those hard to buy for.

People ask If I’m going back to ‘Ride the Divide’ again. I know I do want to ride the spine of our country again, and I’ve thought long and hard about it recently. I know the route, I have all of the equipment. I have friends that will be in Banff on Friday, June 9th, starting their way south on the trail. I’ve decided to not do the Divide in 2017. I have a couple of other rides in the works and a new challenge will be good, and scary at the same time! Watch for that news.

Thank you all for your part in providing fresh drinking water for others. Thank you for following my blue dot heading south towards Mexico the past couple of years.

God bless,